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If you, as relatives, feel that the surplus is missing and that the relocation of parents can be a difficult task, know that you are not the only one.

Are you relatives?

In our time, stress and bustle have almost become a public disease,

and it can be difficult to reconcile a busy day with having to help your parents well through a move. Even if you want to. You may have children and an active family life,

You might be busy at work, maybe you live far away from your parents or maybe you just have difficulty managing your parents' relocation emotionally?


Are there more siblings?

If you are more siblings, it may also be a challenge to get the assignments between you divided,

so do not let go of the good family relationship. Unfortunately, there are many examples of siblings,

which has been unnecessarily charged due to a skewed distribution aid in connection with a relocation.

Here at Maria's Senior Service we can assist with the practical things,

so you as siblings can use the energy to be with your parents in a more appropriate way.



The bad conscience.

When you, like relatives, need to take care of extra practical things in connection with a move,

it can be hard to keep it all together. You may even feel that you do not have the time to speak properly with your parents as it all goes to work. In addition, your parents may feel that they are unnecessarily obstructing the family and they may be sad or afraid of losing family care.

Most elderly people know that their children are busy and they will not be in a hurry.

Therefore, the elders' dream of a home where they can enjoy their 3rd age without the major concerns sometimes seem hard to realize.



Let us take care of your worries.

If you are relatives of the elderly who would like to move, you may recognize something of the above,

and at the same time you may find it difficult to see how to help adequately without,

that it goes beyond your own life. By using our help, the whole family can avoid the bad conscience.

We take care of the practical and ensure that both you and your parents have a good and fun experience of the whole relocation.

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