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Marias Seniorservice.

We ensure the way forward.

Mary Senior Service is a personal service agency which offers assistance to the elderly and their
families, when life is to be moved in new frameworks.

We help with both the administrative and the practicality of relocation, so you can
let go of worries and instead can look forward to a cozy and good life in the new housing.


Maria's Senior Service cooperates with, among other things, Vejen Municipality and Vejle Municipality.

We help you to move forward in practical terms,
when the decision on moving is taken.

When moving from a home, where you may have lived for many years, many challenges and issues suddenly arise, which must be considered while the move needs to be planned, and the administrative needs to be handled.

At Maria's Senior Service we have tried it all before, we know the process and control all the little details that can fill a lot in the minds of both elderly and relatives.


We believe in a personal and ongoing dialogue with the elderly and their families, and through our large network, we offer a wide range of services that make the moving process much easier to understand.


And then as a family, you can be together and focus on the good life that comes after moving.

Examples of tasks that you can safely let us solve.
  • Practical help for packing

  • Practical help with the move itself 

  • Help for the cozy and functional interior of the new home 

  • Informal conversations with the elderly about moving 

  • Developing a plan for relocation that gives the elderly confidence

  • Dialogue with municipality and management around elderly housing etc. 

  • Ongoing respectful dialogue with both elderly and relatives 

  • Talk about and possibly inspecting new potential housing 

  • Application for proper housing allowances 

  • Administrative handling of the move 

  • Contact to real estate about the sale of current housing 

  • Advice on economics, heritage, housing, etc. (through an accountant and possibly a lawyer)

  • and much much more.

These are just some examples of tasks that we can solve. If you have special wishes or special needs, we can also help you find a good solution that takes these into account.

Let us take care of your worries
Customer Response


"To all who stand alone and have to move, I can warmly recommend Maria's Senior Service.

To me she has been worth gold. She has helped everything about my demented friend who was going to a nursing home.

I did not think of anything, she did everything. "


                                                             Birgit Wandall

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