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Marias Senior Service.

   Make it all a little easier. 

About Maria's Senior Service

If you are moving away from your home as an elderly,

a number of practical challenges can arise quickly,

as it can be difficult to estimate.

Maria's Senior Service makes things a little easier.


There may be many reasons why you, like the elderly, would like to move from their current home to another.

The old house may have become too big, it can be difficult to overcome,

the location may be inappropriate in relation to the family,

or to the left need to move to a new, smaller home,

where the memories do not fill up so much. Maria's Senior Service is a small and flexible service agency,

which offers personal help and advice when elderly stands and wondering,

If a move is right or when you have already made the decision to move.

A helping hand for extra surplus.


A move in the 3rd age is a task, which can be difficult to estimate.

For the elderly, the energy are not the same, as they have been

and for their relatives it can be a difficult task to

find the time to help in a proper way in a busy and hectic everyday life.

This is where Maria's Senior Service can come into the picture as a trustworthy and professional helping hand.

We can help all or parts of the move so that the elderly and their relatives have time to enjoy each other as

family and handle the more personal aspects of moving.

Personal experience


We have good experience with support and practical help in relocation and can help to ensure that

the course will be a good experience for all parties.

Our background for helping others is, that we ourselves have been through several courses where parents

have to move. In this regard, we experienced ourselves,

how many practical challenges that suddenly appear,

and how demanding it really can be to move in a proper way for both elderly and relatives.

We felt there was a need to get professional helping hand, which makes moving easier,

and that through our own experience we have gained insight that may be valuable to others.

That's why we established Marias Senior Service in the summer of 2009.

                  Yours sincerely.

Maria Dinnsen Degn

Maria Dinnsen Degn
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