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The administrative jungle.


Moving does not only raise a number of practical issues.
There is often also a lot of paperwork,

which must be in place before the life of the new home can begin.

It can - even for young and middle aged - be difficult to estimate all the administrative about a move.

There is an economy that must be in place to fill in papers,

The address must be changed and housing support for the new residence may be sought.



At Maria's Senior Service, we know the workflow and can easily and reliably guide the elderly well through what we call the administrative jungle.

If some issues require additional expertise,

we cooperate with both external auditors and lawyers,

who can provide the right advice and get the last details in place -

without the elderly having to worry about phone calls, correspondence and agreed communication.


We do much to inform both the elderly and their relatives about the administrative process,

and all important decisions will of course only be taken on a solid basis and in full -

according to your wishes.

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