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Moving and decor. 

Don't drown in worries and practical problems.
Instead, look forward to a new and easier life in a new cozy setting. 


Challenges that may seem completely inconceivable,

can be transformed into good experiences with a little qualified help.

Here at Maria's Senior Service, we believe

that the elderly should use the power to rejoice in the life of a new home

rather than worry about the way there.




We can handle a relocating all the way - or just help with parts of it.

It all depends on what the need and desires are.

We have good contacts with reliable relocation companies,

which helps us with everything from packing and cleaning up to the moving itself

and possibly unpacking in the new housing.


We also have extensive experience in setting up cozy homes,

which provides both comfort and function well in everyday life.

For us, it's about creating the very right base that brings joy,

peace of mind and surplus to relax and enjoy the 3rd age in the best possible way.

We always take the starting point of the needs for the elderly,

their personal taste and their current furniture.

If the elderly want to replace one or more furniture or buy new ones,

we are also helpful with this through our network of professional furniture dealers,

where we of course get competitive prices.

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